5 of the Best Vibrations Plates for 2015

Vibration plates (or power plates as they’re also known), are a must have in your home. Just 10 minutes a day can bring you incredible results.

I’m sure that we can all find 10 minutes in our busy lives to hop on one of these machines at some point during the day.

So let’s take a closer look at 5 of the best on the market right now, and why they’re the best.

1. Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate


The Gadget Fit is the number one best seller on Amazon. This is partly due to it’s fairly low price tag, and good features. It has 3 built in programs and 50 speed settings.

Compared to others it is a fairly basic machine, but it does what it’s built for very well. For a basic model, it’s a great choice.

Over the past few months lots of vibration plates have come down in price massively so you can get yourself a great model much for much less than previously.

Check out what other people are saying here, and why it’s received 4.4 out of 5 stars so far from 380 customer reviews.

Investment: £119.99 including free delivery.

2. Confidence Vibration Plate Plus


This is another really popular model and includes arm straps to enhance your work out in the upper body. It has 50 speed settings like the Gadget Fit model, however this one doesn’t have built in programs.

You can also create your own work out manually by adjusting the speed settings and your own positions, and there are tons of work out videos you can watch for free on YouTube.

Out of 300 reviews, this has received another admirable rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Investment: £129.99 including delivery.

3. Gym Master Crazy Fit 


Crazy Fit have a range of vibration plates available, the Gym Master is one of their most popular models. This version has received 155 customer reviews, and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Gym Master comes with an amazing 160 speed settings and 10 built in programs. This gives us plenty of options for a varied work out. It also has an amplitude of 0-10mm.

The best way to find whether or not to invest in a vibration plate, is to read what other people are saying. Read as many reviews as possible and get a good picture of what the machine is like.

Investment: £149.99 including delivery

4. Medicarn Vibration Plate Series 300

Medicarn Power Vibration Plate S3 - Toner Trainer Training - Buy Cheap 2014 NEW MODEL - As Seen On TV - The Medicarn BEST BIG SILENT MOTOR - Wobble Machine -

Medicarn have been around since 2004 making vibrations plates, meaning they’ve got a lot of experience in what works and what doesn’t.

Their 300 Series has 99 speeds and 8 built in programs.

Watch the video review below:


Investment: £199.00 including delivery.

5. Pink Fox Hunter Crazy Fit


The Pink Fox is a particular favourite of mine. It hasn’t received as many customer reviews yet as the others, with only 7 to go off. But of the 7 they are all 5 stars and each reviewer says the Pink Fox is pretty darn good.

So what’s special about the Pink Fox and why is it in my top 5 line up?

I love that it comes with an MP3/iPod loud speaker that you can just plug in and listen to music, podcasts or audio books as you use this machine. No need for headphones and the 10 minutes you spend on it at a time passes quickly.

It has 99 speed levels, 3 built in programs, shows you calories, amongst other data, and comes with an exercise chart to inspire your work outs. It’s a little bit pricer than some of those listed above, but for a pink vibration plate with built in speakers and a good work out, it’s worth that bit more. But that’s just me.

Investment: £139.90 including delivery.

I hope this short guide has given you some ideas and will help you choose a vibration plate for you to work out on in your own home. Over the long run they will save you a lot of money compared to going to the gym, and give you a complete body work out.

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