7 Reasons to Buy a Vibration Plate

Buying any piece of exercise equipment can be a bit of an ordeal. You have to know it is good for you, works well and is exactly what you need to get in shape. A vibration plate is no different. You want to know the how’s and why’s before you buy.

There are lots of good reasons to buy a vibration plate, here are seven to get you started.

1.     Fully Body Workout

Did you know that just standing on a vibration plate will give your muscles a workout?

A vibration plate vibrates at 25-50 times per minute which shakes and contracts your muscles the same amount. Every time your muscles move, they are working out.

If you add a small amount of exercise to your time on the vibration plate and do several different exercises (squats, push ups) you can easily get an effective full body workout on only one machine.

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2.     Fast Workout

A vibration plate is also a much faster workout than a traditional workout.

Did you know that you can achieve the same results in ten minutes on a vibration plate as you could with 60 minutes of traditional exercises?

If you don’t have the time to spend hours doing pushups, the vibration plate is definitely for you.

3.     Compact Design

Power plates are built using a unique upright design that is just as compact as it is effective.

As a work out machine it takes up less room than a weight bench with a lot more results. In fact, the vibration plate is so small you can easily store it in the corner of your room!

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4.     Different Workouts

There are multiple ways you can use your vibration plate.

You can exercise your belly, bottom, abdominals, thighs, arms, and everything in between with only one machine.

The machine is so versatile that you can easily change which part of your body you exercise while still benefiting your entire body.

5.     Bone Density

Studies show that repeated exposure to vibration can help to improve your bone density and even prevent bone loss.

Vibration plates increase bone mineral density by increasing the amount of osteoblast cells in the body. These cells are responsible for building your bones.

At the same time, vibration helps to prevent the buildup of osteoclasts, the cells responsible for breaking bones down.

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6.     Blood Circulation

You can also improve your heart condition by using vibration plates.

Vibration helps to stimulate blood flow and circulation to widen veins so that your blood flows more evenly throughout your body!

7.    Get In Shape

One of the most important reasons to get a vibration plate is that it will help you to get in shape.

Whether your goal is to drop a few pounds or get the abs of your dreams, the vibration plate will help you get there.

There is literally no other machine that provides the extensive full body workout of a vibration plate. Vibration plates are an easy and relatively affordable method to get your body into the physical condition that you want.

  1. Emma Davy

    7 good reasons! I love my vibration plate! Its the best thing I ever bought for getting fit! Far easier having one at home than going to use one in the gym!

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