Welcome to our website dedicated to vibration plates where you will find reviews and information all about these amazing machines.

We highlight all of the available vibration plates available in the UK at the moment. On our blog we discuss the best vibration plates (or also known as power plates) and talk about how they work and what’s so good about them. If you have any questions or want some more information please visit our contact page.

We love using vibration plates. Our passion began when we first tried one out at our local gym. We used to find it difficult to get a go on the vibration plate unless we visited at really quiet times of the day which isn’t always possible, and there was often a time limit because of the demand for time on it.

We decided to buy our own vibration plates which we ordered through Amazon. We found there were so many varieties out there and prices ranged from about £80.00 to £200.00. You can shop here on our site and conveniently check out directly with Amazon.

Have a good look at some of the great vibration plates featured on the site and see which one suits you the best!