Before buying your vibration plate

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I thought it would be useful to make a list of some of the considerations to take before you purchase your new vibration plate.

    • Check what attachments come with the vibration plate. Different machines vary with the accessories that come with them. These can include pads and attachments for arms and legs. The more attachments means you can have a more varied work out and give you different options depending on what you want to do.

image bslimmer vibration plate

    • Take note of what different programs are available on the vibration plate. Different machines come with a varying amount of programs ranging from three to fifteen. How many you want depends on you. You may be happy with a fewer amount of settings to keep it simple. Or you may want as many as you can get to give more variety.

image b slimmer control power plate

    • Note the weight limit. This shouldn’t be a big issue as you are likely to fit into the weight category of most machines, but just in case you are well above or below average, it’s worth checking you will be able to safely use the vibration plate.
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