Body Sculpture BM1500 Vibration Plate Review

Rating: 4 Stars ****

Manufacturer: Body Sculpture

Model: BM1500

Released: January 2008

Number of Programmes: 3 preset 

Amount of user positions: 20

Amount of speed settings: 10

Machine Weight: 22kg

Machine Dimensions:  54cm x 50cm x 120cm

Maximum weight of user: 100kg (around 16 stones)

Warranty: 1 year

Body Sculpture is a weight loss company that has produced a wide range of remarkable fitness machines in the past. The Bm1500 Vibration plate is another great product in their line.

Vibration or power plates are a fitness tool that uses vibrations to enhance your workout. They use plates that vibrate 1-2 cm at 25-50 times per minute depending upon your settings.

The vibrations work to cause muscle to contract and grow. Vibrations can help you tone your body, build muscle and will even increase blood circulation and bone health over time.

About the Body Sculpture BM1500 Vibration Plate

The Body Sculpture Bm1500 comes with a simple manual with a few exercises, a how to instruction for putting the machine together and of course, the machine. The setup is relatively simple as long as you know how to put in nuts and bolts. You can always ask someone to help if you find it difficult.

Body sculpture BM1500

What are the Pros of the BM1500?

The actual machine is very lightweight and weighs in at only 22 kilos.

It also comes with a set of wheels so that you can easily move it around as desired. This is just fantastic because some vibration plates are extremely heavy and you cannot move them about once they’re set up like the Medicarn 1750 which is very heavy.

Check out the Medicarn review.

Another definite plus is the vibration plates relatively small size, it’s only about 54 x 52 cm square which means you can easily store it in an empty corner while you aren’t using it.

The power plate features adjustable height, ten different speeds and supports about twenty different positions that you can learn to begin working out. However; there are a lot more exercises that are not listed with the machine that you can easily accommodate into your daily routine.

Body Sculpture Vibration Plate

Are there any Cons to the BM1500?

The vibration plate does have a few cons. The first is that if you aren’t used to putting things together, it can be a bit of a hassle to initially set up the machine. However; if you follow the directions, that isn’t too difficult.

The second is that the power plate can be pretty loud. If your washing machine bothers you than you might want to get a pair of earplugs while you work out as the machine has a similar level of volume.

The third and final con is that the body sculpture power plate only supports up to 100 Kilo of weight, if you weigh any more than that then you might want to consider either getting a different machine or finding an alternate method of weight loss to get below 100 kilo.

It also doesn’t have as many power settings and options as a professional vibration plate, however; for the price, that really isn’t much of a problem.

Using the machine

When using the machine, you should roll it to somewhere that gives you enough space to do your chosen exercise (sometimes this could work in a corner but usually you will probably need a little more room).

You can then turn the power switch on and choose one of the settings; there are three power options with different vibration levels as well as multiple voices for routines.


The auto setting is a great choice because you can go through a 6.5 minute routine that changes as you work out, take a break and do the routine again for a fast, fun, full body workout.

Overall, the Body Sculpture BM1500 is a good choice.

Taking into account the disadvantages being the set up and noise, once the machine is put together it has many advantages compared to others that are similar on the market. It will help you to tone your body, loose fat, build muscle and works to effectively train the body into good condition during short workouts which means that for most of us, it is the perfect workout machine.

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