Carl Lewis Vibration Plate

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Rating: 3.7 stars

Manufacturer: Carl Lewis

Model: CEA001

Released: October 2007

Number of Programmes: 3 preset 

Amount of speed settings: 16

Machine Weight: 17kg

Machine Dimensions:  56.6cm x 51.8cm x 28.8cm

Maximum weight of user: 100kg

What’s included?

Included is your Carl Lewis vibration plate itself, plus a handy instruction booklet.

The instruction booklet includes several exercise positions for users to try, and has positions for people of all fitness levels so that you can begin at your own level and work your way up to harder positions as you build up your muscle tone.

What are the features?

This vibration plate is small and lightweight, making it easily portable and perfect for use anywhere around the house. The machine itself features 16 speed settings, as well as 3 automatic programs that users can easily use and change during their workout.

This vibration plate is designed to help improve your metabolic rate, which will help in reducing body fat so that you can successfully lose weight. The plate vibrates while you hold an exercise pose. It tones the muscles by causing them to react quickly and frequently to the vibrations during exercise.

What are the good points?

  • 70 percent more efficient than a regular workout
  • 16 speed settings
  • 3 automatic programs
  • Light weight
  • Alleviates body pain and muscular cramps
  • Reduces fatty tissue
  • Improved circulation and hormone secretion
  • Instruction booklet includes exercise positions for people of all fitness levels
  • People of all ages can enjoy using this trainer

What are the bad points?

  • It is on the noisier side of vibration plates
  • Causes sore feet if used for long periods of time
  • Maximum weight is only 100kg so this product is not ideal for heavier users

What do other people say about the Carl Lewis vibration plate?

Most of the other reviews for this plate are 5 star reviews.

People enjoy this machine because it is small and compact so it is easy to fit in the house and it doesn’t take up too much space.

People also enjoy this plate because it is easy to use and people of all ages can use it. Younger and older reviewers have purchased this product and experienced success after using it. This machine is perfect for any age.

A few reviewers did feel that the vibration is not powerful enough, but most reviewers say that it is powerful enough and works perfectly. People also enjoy the exercise positions provided in the instruction manual because they can choose positions that work for their fitness level and work towards trying out the harder positions.

Many customers also say that it is easy and efficient for them to just walk in place on the vibration fitness trainer for 10 minutes a day instead of having to spend hours working out at the gym to achieve the same results.

Overall most customers enjoyed using this machine and it quickly sells out whenever it becomes available on Amazon.



3 Responses

  1. Rach

    Hi, Ive used this power plate and the Confidence one you mention at the end. I preferred the Confidence myself – it seemed to have a better feel to it. Thanks for the great reviews – Rach

  2. Sarah

    Hi Rach

    Thanks for your comment! I understand what you mean, other reviewers mentioned that this vibration plate can cause sore feet when used for a long period of time.

    The Confidence is also really popular.


  3. Emma Sivewright

    Hi I hav just purchased the vibration plate that u r out of stock off second hand but hav no manual can u tell me how to get one plz as want to b sure I’m using it properly many thanks

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