My Experience With My Vibration Plate

I thought it would be useful to write about how my own vibration plate has helped me get in shape. I bought my BSlimmer vibration plate directly from Amazon about four months ago. It all started when I was at my friend Sarah’s house and she showed me her new vibration plate. Sarah has always been into fitness so I thought nothing off this new machine of hers. I’ve been a member of gyms before, and had a spell of going to zumba. It was only when she insisted I have a go on it that I realised this was really good. I instantly wanted my own vibration plate. Although this makes me sound like an impulsive person (and in some ways I am!), I was right to buy my own.

image bslimmer vibe plate


I began reading about them on the internet and seeing what other people had to say. What really sold me this vibration plate was the amount of positive reviews on amazon for it. Currently that’s 61 *5 star* positive reviews! Other people’s opinions are so important when shopping online because you don’t always know for sure what you’re getting. If something has no reviews (especially in a huge online shop like Amazon) then it leaves me wondering why not. Is it just brand new or does nobody think much of it to bother leaving a review?

In case you want to check out the reviews see them here.

So I became convinced and went ahead and bought the BSlimmer for £189.99 because I trust Amazon. I buy most of my Christmas presents from there too.

Losing Weight

I started off weighing 168 pounds and have so far lost 20 pounds and am 148 pounds! This is fantastic for me and I’m so pleased with my progress. I owe half of this progress to my vibration plate and the other half to eating more healthily. I have never been a ‘toned’ person, you could say little bit wobbly. But not anymore! I’ve never been so toned and I just love it. As I’m losing weight I’m getting more toned.

My routine

I use my machine in my spare room about every three times a week. Sometimes I will use it more often and sometimes a little less often but that’s the average. I put some music on and away I go. I really enjoy using it and know that it’s making me look and feel good – the vibrations are vibrating away my fat.

Coming up

I will talk more in later posts about the technical sides of the machine. Firstly I wanted to give you a frank and open account of my opinion of using a vibration plate.

Read more about the BSlimmer vibration plate and find out what everyone else is saying.

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