Top 5 Vibration Plates for 2016

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In this round up of 5 of the best vibration plates on the market today, we’re looking at the features, pros, cons and what others users think about them to help you decide which is the best one for you.

1. Confidence Vibration Plate


If the thought of spending an hour at the gym every single day seems horribly daunting, look no further than the Confidence Vibration Plate to really boost your overall wellbeing.

It gives amazing results, which you can achieve from the comforts of your own home!

What are the features?

This unique vibration plate is gym-standard, meaning you most definitely get your money’s worth. It comes with handlebars so you’re open to hundreds more exercises, and they are brilliant for ensuring good balance and safety whilst on the plate itself.

But it also comes with power cords, which can be used in exercise as well, which is great for tailoring the plate to your own personal exercise preferences.

How does the Confidence work?

Similar to other vibration plates on the market, you can burn fat and tone your muscles by doing minimal effort on the plate for ten minutes a day. The vibrations help your muscles contract, which in turn makes them tighter and more toned.


What are the pros?

The best thing about this machine has to be how powerful it is. Lots of other plates on the market have let users down purely because the vibrations are not intense enough to make a difference – whereas the Confidence machine will most definitely do you proud.

Its vibrations are helped by 600 Watts of power, which can surely pack a punch. This means that you are highly likely to see great results after just two weeks of regular use, which is pretty promising!

What are the cons?

Although this machine has hardly no problems when it comes to actual use, it does have issues with practicality. On the market at the moment are many plates which are small and compact, and can be easily stowed away.

However, the Confidence plate is extremely large and very heavy, which may not be suitable for some users. It may take up a lot of space in your home too! If it’s not for you, or it is too cumbersome for your lifestyle, always keep the receipt just in case.

What are other people saying about the Confidence?

Of course, other people are raving about how great this machine really is. Which is pretty promising in itself! Users have said that the machine is so powerful that they are seeing results even after four uses, and that they are religiously using this vibration plate to benefit their healthy lifestyles.

Yes, some have said that the machine is heavy and too big for their homes, but for such amazing results, there may have to be sacrifices!

The Verdict

Overall, it is plain to see that the Confidence Vibration Plate is set to revolutionise the vibration plate market. It’s easy and quick to use, and will cut your exercise time in more than half.

It’s great for beginners, professionals, and people both young and old. Regardless of if you have mobility issues or just want to shed a few pounds, the Confidence plate will surely bring back your own confidence.

Get yours for £139.99


2. Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate

gadget fit vibration plate

If you look at your local gym with dread, fear no more. This vibration plate is guaranteed to make exercising, toning and keeping fit a whole lot easier.

The Gadget:Fit Power Vibration Plate is not only massively cost-effective, but has infinite possibilities when it comes to your personal fitness.

The machine vibrates to build muscle mass, as well as burn fat and leave your body beautiful and toned. With minimal effort!

How Does the Gadget Fit Work?

Yes, it may sound too good to be true, but in fact, you do let the plate do all the work for you. The vibrations within the plate itself send waves through your muscles forcing them to contract, leaving them tighter and appearing more toned. Causing such strong muscular movement also means it easily and quickly burns excess fat!

What are the pros?

The pros of the Gadget:Fit plate is of course, it’s excellent value for money. It’s a lot cheaper than other products on the market, and certainly cheaper than a gym membership – without failing you on quality. Instead of an hour at the gym everyday, you can spend a quick ten minutes on this plate to see real results. A dream come true! It is also specifically excellent for those suffering from back pain, as it concentrates on your lower back muscles and legs.

gadget fit vibration plate review

What are the cons?

The downside to this plate is it doesn’t leave you ‘worked out’ and exhausted.

Yes, to some this may be a blessing, but it’s not the best for those of us who love to work out and work hard.

Of course you must combine it with regular cardio exercise, just to feel both benefits!

Also, this specific Gadget:Fit plate has been reported to be not as powerful as other plates on the market, which could be put down to being cheaper, but of course it works differently on each individual. Make sure you hold onto the receipt and packaging for a few weeks, just in case it’s not for you!

What are other people saying about the Gadget Fit?

Of course, the best kind of recommendations are from experience, and this plate is so popular it has thousands of users to choose from! It has had mixed reviews, but of course this form of exercise may be better for some more than others.

Many users have said that the plate is hard to assemble properly, and comes with very complicated instructions – which is obviously very important! However, it has had glittering reports about its actual use.

Many have said that it has given them amazing results with minimal use, which is of course absolutely brilliant!

The Verdict

To sum up, I think with this plate, you can’t go wrong. Combined with fantastic power and long life, this plate will keep you fit and healthy for years to come.

Compared to other products on the market, the Gadget:Fit Vibration Plate is serious value for money – so you’re shedding pounds of both kinds!

Buy for £99.99 


3. The Gym Master Slim Crazy Fit Vibration Plate

gym master crazy fit

Are you looking for a new way to work out, in the comfort of your own home? Is the trek to the gym becoming more and more pointless by the day? Then you’re in luck!

Thanks to the lengthily worded Gym Master Slim Crazy Fit Vibration Plate – which we’ll just call the Gym Master from now on. It’s compact, it’s fun and it’s bound to give you amazing results!

What are the features of the Gym Master?

Amazingly, this plate gives you a wide range of choices when it comes to your personal health and fitness. You have ninety-nine power settings to choose from, so the plate is tailor made to what intensity suits you.

It comes with power cords to give you even more exercises to choose from, as well as an easy-use remote control, which is definitely excellent for the cheaper price tag.

You have a choice of three colours as well, pink, green and simple white, so it won’t look too out of place in your home. Seems too good to be true!

How does the Gym Master work?

The vibrations in the plate help to contract the muscles in your legs, bum and abs. This tension makes your muscles tighter, burning fat and keeping them strong and toned.

What are the pros?

Obviously the main pro that the Gym Master plate boasts is that it guarantees results after just one week of use. It’s great if you maintain a busy lifestyle, as in order to tone and burn fat, you simply give this plate a go for ten minutes a day.

It’s thin and small enough to stow away in a cupboard or wardrobe, or even to take with you when you’re on the move! But in this situation, size really doesn’t matter – as the Gym Master plate packs quite a punch with 600 Watts of power. So it really won’t let you down!

gym master crazy fit review

What are the cons?

Although the Gym Master plate has a glittering report, it does come with one minor downside. This is that the remote control that comes with it is not very responsive at all – which can be frustrating for some users.

This can mean you may have to manually change programmes and speed on the machine, making your exercise time longer than simply ten minutes. But of course, always keep the receipt just in case, as the plate comes with a one year warranty!

What are other people saying about the Gym Master?

It’s safe to say that there isn’t a poor review in sight. Other users are going crazy for such an excellent piece of equipment, as it’s taken the vibration plate market by storm! A majority have said that even one week’s use of the Gym Master has given them brilliant results already, with speedy leg and ab toning. This is perfect if bikini season crept up too quickly!


The overall verdict is that the Gym Master Slim Crazy Fit Vibration Plate is absolutely fantastic – and for a smaller price tag, it’s an absolute steal. If you need a quick fix and tone up those legs, or help with a physical ailment, this is the vibration plate for you. With something so compact yet powerful, you really can’t go wrong!

Get yours for £99.99


4. JTX 6000: High Power Vibration & Oscillation Plate

jtx 6000 vibration plate

If you’ve been searching through hundreds of vibration plates, wondering which one to buy, are you completely stuck?

I bet you’re thinking that there’s no point, they all look the same. Until the JTX 6000 came on the scene, with its combined vibrations and oscillations within the plate, to make your exercise regime that little bit better.

What are the features of the JTX 6000?

Of course, the most important and unique feature has to be that the plate can give you either vibrations or oscillations. The plate also has handlebars to help with your balance, but they also open up even more exercise positions and opportunities!

It also comes with a free vibration plate workout DVD, which is great if you’re new to using this machine and want to get as much as you can out of it. It also comes with straps to help tone your arms, a handy workout poster and over-the-phone support for when you need a hand.

How does the JTX 6000 work?

Because it has two different types of training within one machine, the two separate tools can help different areas of fitness. The intense vibrations are great for toning and building muscles, by helping them contract and therefore become tighter. The vibrating option is also useful when you need a helpful massage!

If you choose the oscillating option instead, the oscillations help to burn fat and cellulite from all those tough areas to get at. However, you can choose a combination of both oscillations and vibrations, which is guaranteed to give you amazing and fast results!

jtx 6000 vibration plate review

What are the pros?

The main pro of the JTX 6000 has to be its choice of oscillation or vibration. This is fantastic for a wide range of users, whether you want to burn fat or tone up, or both!

The ability to choose what suits you best is what sets this plate miles ahead from other vibration plates on the market, as for a price that is not too expensive you get double for what you paid for.

What’s even better is that this plate requires minimal movement from the user, so you can stand still and chill for ten minutes while it does all the work – which is brilliant for those of us with physical ailments or mobility issues.

What are the cons?

Of course, every rose has its thorn. The main downside that has been highlighted by some users is that the ability to lose weight on this machine is not so easy. Of course, muscle toning is fantastic, but relying on it solely to lose weight has proven a problem. It’s obviously down to each individual, but definitely combine time on the plate with a healthy diet and some cardio workout too.

What are other people saying about the JTX 6000?

A majority of other users are going wild for this machine! It’s revolutionised others’ workout regime and really boosted confidence just before bikini season creeps up on us. It’s got the all round thumbs up!

The Verdict

To sum up, this vibration plate is really worth getting you hands on. It’s guaranteed to help any shape and size to shed pounds and tone up, which is super exciting for anyone who wants to get working out!

Get yours for £399.99


5. BSlimmer Vibration Plate

bslimmer vibration plate

If you’re on the hunt for an exercise tool that’s not too bulky, and gives you amazing results, look no further than the BSlimmer Vibration Plate!

It’s small, it’s effective and its possibilities are endless. Simply stand on it and away it goes, toning your legs, bum and tum – as well as ease joint and back pain!

What are the features of the BSlimmer?

This hi-tech little plate looks futuristic yet simple, so it’s pretty user friendly. It comes with a remote control too, so it’s a whole lot easier to turn on and off, as well as change speeds without too much hassle.

It also comes in a range of colours, so it can suit not only your personal style but also your home, so it’s not too awkward and bulky. It’s smaller than the usual plate, as it does not come with handlebars and a bulky post to hold on to – so you can keep it stowed away when you don’t need it!

How does the BSlimmer work?

Similar to other vibration plates on the market, the BSlimmer tones your muscles by causing them to contract, through intense vibrations. The contractions then in turn burn your excess fat, leaving you slimmer and more toned!

What are the pros?

As said before, the BSlimmer plate is smaller than other plates on the market, so it can be easily kept away when not needed. And even though it’s small, it certainly doesn’t fail you when it comes to power.

This little power pod has been said to be the same as gym standard plates when it comes to speed and intensity of the vibrations, which is obviously brilliant if you dread going to the gym!

Also, its brilliant how you can change the intensity and speed to suit you. This means that it’s suitable for a wider range of users, as you can alter it to give you the results you want.

Medicarn-Bslimmer-vibration plate review

It’s been renowned for being brilliant for those of us suffering from back pain, as this can strengthen the muscles around your abs and spine to give you comfort every day.

Finally, with this product, you really get your money’s worth, as you get an additional workout DVD along with it. This is great for you first-timers, as you can really get to know new exercises that can benefit your health.

What are the cons?

A major downside to this vibration plate is that because it has no stand and handlebars, like gym quality plates have. This means that the amount of different exercises you can do without these handlebars is a lot less – so this product does not give you the full range of exercises you can get at a gym.

However, the BSlimmer plate does come with retractable hand cords, which can compensate that little bit extra.

What are other people saying about the BSlimmer?

Other users are absolutely in love with this product. It’s compact, it’s great for different health ailments and keeps you fighting fit. People have used this product and have also said that it makes them feel more confident when it comes to exercising, which is great to really kickstart your healthy lifestyle.

The Verdict

To sum up, this product is really worth giving a try. It’s great for all ages and abilities, and it’s so user friendly that it doesn’t matter if you’re not tech savvy. Yes, it may be a little pricey, but you will certainly feel the results in just a couple of weeks!

Where to buy:

Get yours for £149.99 


I hope this round up of the best vibration plates on the market right now has been useful in helping you choose the best vibration plate for you. Happy toning!!

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