Vibration Plate Exercises

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So, we all know how it feels to be in the gym and working hard on one of the machines, whether it be the treadmill or the exercise bike – but what is that thing in the corner?

That’s a vibration plate, and you don’t have to avoid it anymore!

A Guide to Vibration Plate Exercises

It actually can be just as effective or even more so as your classic gym bikes and toning exercises, providing the same results from just minimal movement! Although they are fairly new compared to what we usually use at the gym, they should be just as popular as the old favourites, as they can burn calories and fat, shrink your waistline and tone your whole body!

They are brilliant if you suffer from a bad back, cannot do too much rigorous exercise or just want to cheat at working out…this must be too good to be true. Wrong! These vibration plate exercises can be done at a majority of modern gyms – so give it a go!

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Core exercises

These vibration plate exercises are brilliant when you need an all-over work out, as they tone not only your torso and core, but also legs, bums and tums! Core exercises will get your blood flowing and warm you up, whether you’re preparing for some tough exercise or just want to get your heart pumping!

The Plank

While the idea of this position makes you cringe inside, it’s a million times easier on the plate. Place yourself as if you were doing a push-up, but rest your elbows and lower arms on the vibration plate itself.

Lift yourself onto your toes and hold tight for a minute, then once that is completed make sure you rest – feel free to repeat the exercise several times, to get fantastic results.


When swimwear season has come around too quickly, crunches are the vibration plate exercises that means you can leave working out to the last minute! Rest your back on the plate, and keep your knees raised and feet on the floor. Do crunches as you normally would, and let the plate do all the work for you!

Upper Body Exercises

These vibration plate exercises are fantastic if you suffer from bad back pain and/or poor posture. Therefore, they can not only help boost your mobility but also your flexibility, especially in your hips as well as lower back – so you can strengthen those sore muscles!

The Bridge

Start by standing in the centre of the plate with your feet the same width apart as your hips. Then you take both of the hand straps and lean forward slightly from your hips, keeping your back straight the whole time. Then, bring your elbows back and keep your arms in towards your body. Just keep repeating for great results!

Push ups

You may hate these with a vengeance, but combined with vibration plate exercises they are so much better. Get yourself into the push up position, with your hands flat on the plate. Complete push ups as you normally would, but be sure to make them slightly slower than usual. To really thoroughly tone your arms and shoulders, going slower will allow the vibration plate to do even more work for you – and enjoy double the results!

Hip raises

This vibration plate exercise is fantastic for strengthening your pelvic floor and lower back muscles, which can get damaged by sitting for long periods of time at work. Simply lie on your back and place your feet firmly on the plate, with your knees raised.

In slow movements, lift your hips and pelvis upwards as high as feels comfortable, preferably making a straight line from your knees down to your shoulders, and gently lower back down. Complete these in series of tens, and ensure you take regular rests!

Lower Body Exercises

The vibration plate exercises for your lower body are perfect when you need a fast result. They will help tone your legs and bum with double the speed, and help you really feel the burn!


This is an absolute classic when it comes to leg toning during your vibration plate exercises, because of course, it’s the most effective. Stand with your feet firmly on the vibration plate and complete squats as you normally would, but a lot slower than normal. While on just normal ground you would need to do fifty squats, using them as vibration plate exercises means you only need to do half. But, keep it slow! Really let the vibrations from the plate work through your legs, so you can get the best look afterwards.


Doing lunges has a double effect when it comes to exercising. Not only do they tone your legs brilliantly, but also build up your flexibility. So, these exercises are fantastic for those of us who enjoy dancing, yoga and gymnastics!

Complete lunges as you normally would, but instead of stepping onto solid ground, place your leg onto the vibrating plate and lunge towards that. In the same way as the squats, ensure you do this slowly. Remember, it’s the plate doing the hard work!

Calf exercise

This vibration plate exercise is fantastic if you struggle with poor mobility, because of a form of disability or injury etc. Lie flat on the floor on a soft surface (preferably a soft yoga mat) with your calves and lower legs placed firmly on the plate itself.

This takes no movement whatsoever, simply lie back and relax, for four minutes maximum. This is fantastic if you have a pulled muscle, feeling unwell or simply too tired to do too much exercise, what a cheat!

And there you have it. This shows that vibration plate exercises could easily become part of your daily or weekly gym routine – and if you aren’t a regular gym goer this could be what gets you interested!

They’re fairly inexpensive compared to equipment such as treadmills and cross trainers, so if you cannot access a gym this is the perfect alternative.

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