Vibration Plates Help Weight Loss – A Study

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Obesity is still a rapidly growing issue for countries all over the world, and in many ways, we are all doing our best to combat it.

vibration plate for weight loss

New diets come on the scene every year, new exercises and fads appear through the woodwork and bombard us with facts, figures and impossible results.

So to make it simpler, a vibration plate machine may be the answer to start shedding the pounds fast!

Lots of new research has been carried out by scientists globally, including one by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (called EASO through the rest of the article).

Wobble Away the Fat


The most dangerous area to carry lots of excess fat is around the abdomen, as this is obviously where your vital organs are trying to function each day.

The ‘beer belly’ as it has been nicknamed is the most dangerous area to grow in fat, as it slows down the efficiency of your digestion and more.

So, EASO wanted to prove that by using a vibration plate regularly, and combining it with a healthy and balanced diet, people can see a visible change in their weight, burning the fat quickly and efficiently.

Wobble Away

61 Obese People

The Association used 61 people struggling with obesity, and over the space of twelve months, they were split into four groups.

One was given a calorie restricted diet, the second had the same diet but also regular fitness, the third had the diet and vibration plate exercises, and the fourth group got no diet or exercise intervention at all.

Measurements and CT scans were carried out beforehand, and the members of the experiment got to work!

Astonishing Results

After the experiment was over, the results were absolutely astonishing. After six months, group one (only diet) lost 6% of their starting weight, while group two (diet and exercise) lost 7% – whereas group three (vibration plate group) lost 11% of their starting weight.

This clearly shows that combined with a healthy diet, using a vibration plate for exercise is highly effective in losing weight fast.


Exercise Whilst Using Your Vibration Plate

However, before you jump on your vibration plate, stand still and hope for the best, you should bear in mind that the members of the experiment used the plate to carry out gentle exercises whilst on it.

Vibration Plate Exercise Poster

This means stretches, squats and other moving exercises, which enhanced the power of the plate and let the vibrations focus on various areas of the body.

By working out your muscles, and getting them to contract and tighten up on the plate, you are heating up the fat and thus burning it off – which is fantastic if you have mobility issues that hinder you from strenuous exercise.

If you hold back on how much fat you consume whilst working out on the plate, you can reduce your waistline and weight extremely quickly.

So, if you want to drop the pounds by summer, invest in your very own vibration plate!

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