What are Vibration Plates?

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Vibration plates (also known as power plates) are a form of exercise equipment that can be used to boost your everyday exercise routine. The equipment focuses on using the natural workings of your muscle to enhance your workout through vibrations.

image wobble away vibration plate

Exercises you can do with vibration plates include squats, thrusts and pushups along with a variety of other traditional exercises.

Power plates have been in use since the cold war during the Russian Space program. Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov used the technology to give astronauts an exercise method while in space.

The plates worked to both stimulate the muscles and prevent bone damage because they caused the muscle contraction that is usually lacking in space.

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Today, vibration plates are such an effective method of exercise and training that they are used not only in gyms and personal exercise but also in physical rehabilitation and therapy.  The machines expedite muscle growth in order to help patients recover more quickly from muscle loss during therapy.

How Do Vibration Plates Work?

Vibration plates are constructed into a vertical machine unit. The user will stand on the machine and do traditional exercises depending on which part of the body they wish to exercise. Depending upon the setting of the machine, the plates will vibrate 1-2 mm at 25-50 times per second.

image using a power plate

Generally users do sets of thirty seconds of exercise followed by thirty seconds of break and continue a set for 10 minutes. The vibrations work to increase the natural vibrations and contractions of the muscle to 25-50 times the norm.

By putting tension on the muscles, such as with squats, the vibrations are able to increase the contractions of your muscles in order to greatly intensify the workout.

As the machine vibrates, so do your muscles. The power plates benefit your muscle even when you are simply standing on the plates. When you stretch your muscles with an exercise, the vibration enhances the workout and therefore your muscle growth.

The Benefits of Vibration Plates

Vibration plates work to enhance the workout of the muscles. They can help you to lose weight, tone your body and build muscle much more quickly than a traditional workout. For example, many power plates give the same amount of exercise to the muscles in ten minutes as a normal exercise would in one hour.

image  power plate legs

Short term effects include the ability to use more force (muscle growth) that will diminish with fatigue. Another short term effect is an increase in circulation of the blood which helps the muscles to grow as well as increased heart health.

Long term effects include weight loss, muscle growth, overall physical fitness as well as some other, surprising effects. For example, repeated exposure to vibration reduced the activity of osteoclasts which can break your bones down while building up levels of osteoblasts which make your bones stronger.

Overall, the effects of vibration plates are very good for both short term and long term use. Power plates enhance the effect of an exercise so that the user gets a better workout in a shorter period of time. However; over time, they can also work to dramatically increase your health and your physical condition.

Vibration Plates are a very fast and convenient way to expedite your exercise to get the most out of your workout.

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